This Skirt Makes the Easy Transition from Day to Night

//This Skirt Makes the Easy Transition from Day to Night

This Skirt Makes the Easy Transition from Day to Night

This Skirt Makes the Easy Transition from Day to Night

This knitted skirt can be worn almost anywhere you want to go, day or night.  Whether you wish to wear it to your new job or out to dinner on a date, you just have to wear the appropriate attire and accessories to fit the occasion.  This will be a versatile part of your wardrobe, helping you save money because of its ability to be worn for almost any type of situation you can think of.  When you buy separates such as this, you save money on your wardrobe.


Wrap Around Style Skirt

The wrap around style gives it a more casual appearance, so it be worn out for a casual day of shopping with the girls.  Just wear a tee-shirt with this skirt, in black, white or a matching green and add a pair of gladiator sandals for a great summer time look.  Accessorize your skirt with large framed sunglasses and a large handbag for the perfect shopping outfit.


Benefits of Knife Pleats in Skirt

The knife pleats give this skirt a more tailored appearance, even though it really isn’t a tailored skirt.  Add a white blouse with a slash neck opening and made from a silky material to wear with this cotton blend skirt for a more professional appearance.  A long chain necklace and a watch are simple touches that you can make with this skirt to keep it suitable for your job.  Finish it off with black pumps and a black matching handbag.

Try a vest like shirt in black or white with a strappy pair of sandals to create an outfit suitable for dinner on a warm summer evening.  A statement necklace with a cocktail ring and a clutch purse will complete your outfit for the night.  Whether you need something casual or a bit more dressed up for work or a date, this skirt gives you many options to mix and match blouses from your closet.

Why To Mix and Match Different Tops With Skirt

Not only does mixing and matching it with different tops and shoes give it versatility and allow you to save money on your wardrobe, but it lets you have fun by seeing how many different outfits you can come up with using this skirt as your base garment.  This skirt can be cleaned at home by washing it in cold water using the gentle cycle on your washer.  If you take good care of this skirt, it will last as long as you still like it and need it to.

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